Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

Category: Technology

Xero API integration with PHP Laravel

It's hard to find complete guide on internet because the flow is not fully explained. Xero itself has a page to describe about how the flow should work but I missed it and have to keep testing to make it work.

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Online gaming terms in web development world

As a web developer myself, I have seen a lot of company using the "online gaming" term to hide what they are really doing. What does it really mean?

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Choosing the right mobile apps programming language

Mobile apps is crucial to startup with a great business model. If you are thinking which programming language suits you best for your business model, then continue to read on

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My Nerd Site completed in 2 days

As author and developer of My Nerd Site, I manage to complete this site in 2 days. If I have no distraction, I might be able to complete it in one day. But that is with...

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Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera is an easy and convenient to install. You can install it within 10 minutes and download the apps on your phone to monitor the live feed.

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