Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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7 things to do on weekend for singles

Netflix and chill (not that kind of chill) is not the only way to spend your weekend. There are plenty more ways to spend you weekend. Of course most of us prefer to sleep until we wake up on our own without alarm because it's the only time we can do so.

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Is Amway worth your time in Malaysia?

I was involved in Amway distributorship training few years back for about 2 years. I have seen the truth when I was involved with the business. To me, it was a happy 2 years but it just doesn't work out for me in the end.

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Is it hard to take care of puppy?

Puppy is not easy to take care of especially if you don't have any experience. My first puppy is ShihTzu, that only live for about 5-6 days after reaching my house. The pet vet said it's caused by infection.

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BizProfile Malaysia helping small businesses

During the quarantine months, a lot people lose their job, businesses going down, pay cut and have to sell their assets to continue surviving. People tried to do their own business, providing service of their expertise, selling home made stuff like ...

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Using dating apps efficiently

Using dating apps is not an embarrassment anymore because sometimes our working environment and social circle has a limited number of opposite gender. If you just start using, or you ever use dating apps and you are wondering why am I still single, here

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