Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

Author: Kenobi

Manga Introduction This Month (August)

Song Ran awaken his abilities as a healer his skills is weak. During a mission with his friends, everyone including him was killed by hidden boss before Song Ran took the boss down together. Clearing the dungeon got him rewarded with a strange sword...

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Manga Introduction This Week

Introducing a new manga every week. This week manga will be Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki.

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Top 5 Food Manga

Manga about food in pursue of unknown taste in where fantastic ingredients and cooking skills put into test. Don't forget the epic reaction of the after-taste that will make you drooling non-stops.

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Top 5 Isekai Manga During MCO

Isekai genre of manga is where the MC of the manga is either re-incarnated, transported, summoned, or leaving the human world into parallel world, fantasy world or even other universe.

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