Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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Using dating apps efficiently

Using dating apps is not an embarrassment anymore because sometimes our working environment and social circle has a limited number of opposite gender. If you just start using, or you ever use dating apps and you are wondering why am I still single, here are some tips to use dating apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, TanTan etc efficiently.

1. Profile pic

You will need some good profile pic that show your face clearly and has some good lighting. If you have a good picture of you doing what you like to do such as hiking, fishing or rock climbing, just use it. You may look cool by not smiling in one or two picture but people like to see your smile more than your cool face. So if you don't have one, smile and take a picture now. Coffee Meets Bagel has a good article on what you should do and dont for your dating profile photo here

If you have cute pet especially dogs, don't be shy to put it up because it will win a lot of people's heart.

2. Description

Put in some effort to write your profile description as detailed as possible. If not, your potential match will feel that you are not serious. Write something about yourself, what do you like and your expectation. Some apps provide fun questions for you to answer so people can know more about you based on your answer. This will eliminate those who matched with you but end up doesn't work out in the end. Save your time and effort in long run.

3. First message

When you matched with someone, be sure to take the initiative (for guys) to message her. If you are female, and your match doesn't text you after a day or two, try to take the initiative to text him too. He might forgot due to his busy schedule and things might change once you two starts chatting.

While sending the first message, do not ask question that already has the answer on his/her profile. It makes him/her feel that you are not reading his/her profile properly.

4. Length to text before meetup

Most people keep it between 1 - 2 weeks before meeting the person you matched. Do not hold it for too long before meetup because physical contact is one of the love language for most people. Of course I am not asking you to have sex right away at first meetup. However, prolonged texting without meetup might cause some awkwardness with some people, nerdy people especially (because nerdy people are good at texting... known as keyboard warrior)

5. Dating apps choice

There are so many dating apps, choosing the right one to use is crucial. Some dating apps like Tinder has been there for a while, and is flooded with a lot of fake account, scammer and inactive user. However, good thing with Tinder is there are so many users for you to like from. You can do that without spending any money. If you spend some money, you get matched quicker.

Other notable apps are like CMB (Coffee Meets Bagel) and Omi.

CMB are quite famous among my social circle as the filter works nicely. You can filter people with gender, age, height, distance, ethnicity and religion. This eliminate a lots of trouble for you.

Omi is famous among Malay ethnicity in my country, I am not even sure if this apps is available in your country. It seems like quite a new apps but they are getting more and more users.

Other apps that are available out there, such as OkCupid, Badoo, TanTan and Skout are free to use. There are some apps that require boys to pay in order to chat with girls. I will not list down those apps here but it's quite obvious and easy to find out. If you see a super model type of profile liking you and there are a lot of notifications asking you to subscribe to see who liked you, then 99% of the time, the apps is cheating.

In conclusion, do not be shy when you are using the dating apps. Our parents' generation has done it too, just with different method like posting on magazine or newspaper. We get to use the apps for free and it's much quicker. You just need to put in some effort while using the dating apps and I believe you will find your life partner soon.