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Top 5 Food Manga

Most people would said manga is just a 2D pictures that won't move. No feeling, no smell, no emotion and etc... What if I tell you there's lot of manga that are beyond feeling, smell and emotion some even can make you drooling just by reading it. Here's the top 5 Food Manga that would make you have a second thought and might even want to try the menu on it.

1. Yakitate!! Japan!

Yakitate!! Japan manga first released on January 2002 and ended on January 2007 together with 69 episodes of anime tv series over the year 2004 untul 2006. PAN (Bread in Japanese) which is the focus of the manga as the MC of the story Azuma Kazuma is a country boy in the quest for creating a bread that would represent Japan. His very first bread was called Ja-Pan #1 (A white bread) that created for his grandpa that totally reject the idea of eating bread for a breakfast (since Azuma family is rice farming family by generation). Azuma left to Tokyo few years after created his very first Ja-Pan #1 (at the age of 5) to work at Phantasia (famous bakery chain in tokyo). The story continue as Azuma facing challenges from rival bakery St. Pierre, joining competition after competition and creating more Ja-Pan along the way, growing with his colleagues and facing more rival along the way. Yet the most interesting about the manga is not the bread but reaction from the people after eating the bread made by Azuma. The reaction from eating the bread varies from flying in the space, got married and divorce in the same days, visit heaven and some even changed history of the manga. Yakitate!! Japan is a very enjoyable manga to read and might as well learn how to make the bread from it.

2. Shokugeki no Soma

Another food manga would be Shokugeki no Soma which is a very popular anime series right now. As most of the fan knows, Soma Yukihira aspires to become a full-time chef at his father restaurant "Restaurant Yukihira" and aiming to surpass his father in the culinary art. Yet, suddenly his father, Joichiro received a job and left the restaurant and closed it. Joichiro has Soma enroll into a Elite Culinary School (Joichiro old school) and this is where's all the stories started. Assigned into his father old dorm, Polaris Dormitory, Soma meeting the aspiring young and talent chefs and together they engaged in the food competition called Shokugeki to easure their spots and position in the school. The competition is fierce leaving no chance for Soma and his friends to relax even one bit. Shokugeki no Soma are enjoying to read and might be a bit lewd as of the after effect of the eating the foods from the chefs. Nothing beat the reaction of the judges in the stories especially the food made by Soma. Shokugeki no Soma manga end last year while the anime tv series still running. Do enjoy the stories and learn how to cook from it too if you can.

3. Toriko

"Someone once said that there's are beast covered all over their body with juicy meat that melts as soon as it reached your tongue... That there are Omar Lobster full of meat and King Crab packed with flesh growing out of a tree... That there are amber colored, high quality and mellow brandy flowing eternally out of a spring.... Men are fascinated but the yet unknown appetizing taste!! The time is the Era of Gourmet. The era of discovering of the unknown taste..." Those are the opening of the manga stories where MC, Toriko a Gourmet Hunter is in search to complete his Full-Course Meal with the help of his chef (Komatsu). Together with his friends of the Four Heavenly Kings (Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Zebra), Toriko departed into the Human World and Gourmet World while facing Bishoku-Kai and GOD in the search of the food that fit into their Full-Course Meal. This manga is very masculine focus for every character yet not scary type. Every ingredients in the manga is very fantasy like with real life ingredients as a base of it. Would you imaging a coconut that had perfectly cooked and salted fries in it? Do enjoy the manga until finish as it had completed on year 2016.

4. Nobunaga no Chef

Next manga might not so popular among the reader but as far as I know, there's even adapted into Japanese TV Series at year 2013. The stories about MC, Ken who mysteriously transported to Sengoku period with almost all his memories lost. Appearing in the middle of the battle of the soldiers, Ken together with his friend escape yet only he survive by jumping into the river. During his escape, Ken meets Katsu, a young blacksmith boy (girl actually). Lost his memories yet his cooking skills never left him, soon he got notice and recruited by Oda Nobunaga as a personal chef. This food manga is really back to basic where MC introduces modern dishes while utilizes primitive cooking ingredients and materials. This manga is unique because the modern foods and historical figures is blending well to make the stories interesting.

5. Isekai Shokudou

 Isekai Shokudou, another name would be Restaurant to Another World. The western style restaurant, Yoshoku no Nekoya is a restaurant opened at some corner of the Tokyo shopping district where they offers a lot of Japanese styles western foods. This restaurant open during usual business hour and closed during public holiday and weekend. But one things nobody knows is they secretly open on Saturday and their doors was connected to another world. Elves, dragons, beastman, fantasy creatures even heroes soon become their regular patrons. It's an enjoying manga to read while it doesn't focus too much into the reaction yet the daily life stories of their patrons while enjoying the foods offered by the restaurant. 

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