Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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Manga Introduction This Week

This weekend I would like to introduce a manga which is quite interesting to read. If you into manga about the online world, you may be interested with this manga. No... It's not Sword Art Online.


It's Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki.




Tanaka Daichi is a typical company employee, single guy aged 38 who loved to play games. "One More Free Life Online" is a new VRMMO game that Daichi newly start to play after his working hour at home. In this game, his character name is Earth (same meaning of his real life name) and free to select several skills yet Daichi chose the skills that generally regards as useless and unpopular. This doesn't hinder Daichi to enjoy playing the game.

Below is the skill set chosen by Earth (Daichi)


1. Archery (Not a popular skill, not easy use... Hardly hit anything at the beginning level)

2. Kick (Just kicking, nothing special about it. Maybe the very first character chose the skill)

3. Wind Magic (An inferior magic compare to other element magic)

4. Cooking (Need to have ingredients and cooking utensils to cook)

5. Apothecary (Can make potion but the potion sold by NPC is way cheaper)

6. Stealth (Just be invisible when not moving. Moving will reveal the position)

7. Carpentry (Can build something with raw materials)

8. Manufacturer (Can create something with enough raw materials)

9. Eagle Eye (Most suitable to use together with Archer or searching for prey)

10. Physical Boost (It does give stat a boost but the specialize skills are way stronger and fancier)


As soon as Earth in the game, he got confronted by a group of punk player that discriminate his skill of choices but Earth ignored him to begin his basic training of his skills. Soon after the training, he went to the hunting group but the beginner hunting group was packed with new players trying to hunt for leveling and gather materials. Earth only have give up his idea and met Millie on his way to gather some herbs.


The stories goes on when Earth try to cook the meat that he hunted (yet got chased around for the foods he cook), concocted some potion (put it into vending machine for sell as it's too popular), creating his own bow & arrows (because the archer job is so unpopular that no one selling bow), and many more.


Soon, the game release new events like Dancing with the Fairies (Pet events), meeting the dragon (unexpected encounter) and killing the dragon, The Loong Trails, and many more. Earth also keep making more weapon and armor for his skills was getting more diverse due to his playing style. Friends with Millie, soon her friend Zwei, Fairy Queen (NPC), Nora, Rage, and many more will keep the stories fun and easy to read. 


It's a very good manga if you are crafting maniac type of player/reader or into the VRMMO world kind of manga person. Nothing beat Earth on his creativity and many more. So, enjoy the weekend.


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