Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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Manga Introduction This Month (August)

Every now and then there's new manga or manhwa introduced in the market either thru online website or weekly magazine or sometimes thru manga reading apps. Anyway, we are not here to promote any website, magazine or manga reading apps but it's to introduce new interesting manga that you might like it.

This month manga will be...

The Blade of Evolution - Walking Aline in the Dungeon.

The Blade of Evolution - Walking Alone in the Dungeon are the fantasy, action, adventure, supernatural and bloody-some of genre of manhwa. This manhwa by 小刀 (translation: small blade/ knife) is new and only have 11 chapter translated (English) on date. For those who has read Solo Leveling (not promoting it yet), this manhwa is almost the same yet different. You may pick it up as a pass time while waiting for the other manga new chapter.

Song Ran (MC) of the manhwa is an awakened ability user as a healer, yet his skills are too weak in the team. No guild willing to accept him and everyone consider his skills as trash and called as trash healer. One day at the guild hall, Song Ran was invited by his friends to clear a normal level dungeon as to help Song Ran to level and getting better. The dungeon run was going smoothly and everyone getting the rewards from the monster dropped. Just when everyone leaving the dungeon, a hidden boss came out and went killing spree.

Song Ran friends fall one by one as his skills can't do anything to help his friends. Even Song Ran friend that just got new abilities were not able to kill the hidden boss and got killed. This hidden boss left Song Ran to the last as as he knew that Song Ran is the weakest in the group. Getting rage by his all his friends got killed, Song Ran picked up the sword left by his best friend and charge into the boss. With one claw by the boss Song Ran was killed but before he die, he trusted the sword into the boss heart face death together.

Suddenly Song Ran opened his eyes and saw the dungeon reminder as a congratulation for him to get a new achievement as the Last High Priest and a reward The Blade of Evolution. Shocked by the death of his friends while he's still alive, he doesn't leave the house only until he run out of food and money. Since his level is low to begin with, he can only enter the novice dungeon to earn some money for the foods.

The novice dungeon was created by human for the beginner hunter to familiarize with the dungeon environment and practice their abilities. Little did Song Ran knew, when he enter the novice dungeon this time round, the dungeon changed into the Evolution Mode... From here on, Song Ran had to face many difficulty and more dangerous monster to keep level up... not only his own level but also his Blade of Evolution...

Since this manhwa is still new and somewhat similar to Solo Leveling... Give it a try and who knows, you might like it.

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