Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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Brain Out Solution (Stage 21 - 40)

This is brain out solution for stage 21 to 40. If you want to challenge yourself, then don't look further because it will spoil the fun. I am writing this to help people that got stuck in one stage for too long.

1. Stage 21

Click multiple time on the fire at the cigarettes until it's gone.

2. Stage 22

Put the 3 coins into the piggy bank. Then keep pressing the piggy bank until it breaks. 

3. Stage 23

Pull the cloud in the photo frame and place it behind the sun, it will produce an egg.

4. Stage 24

With 1 cut, you can cut it into 8 piece equal parts if you fold it properly.

5. Stage 25

Zoom in the rock, then you can see more ants on the rock.

6. Stage 26

It's binary code, so 1001 is 9

7. Stage 27

Move the small icon from the outside to the exit.

8. Stage 28

All the people including the people on the traffic light.

9. Stage 29

Click the cloud and it will start to rain. Then 2 hidden animal will appear.

10. Stage 30

Move the matchstick to be like the picture above

11. Stage 31

Click both people at once. You can save both of them.

12. Stage 32

Move the word and the cloud away. Then the sun will appear and melt the ice.

13. Stage 33

Move the carrot to the rabbit

14. Stage 34

Expand the thing that look like a boat and it will become big enough like a bridge

15. Stage 35

You can use the same number twice, so it's 3 + 3 + 6

16. Stage 36

Move everything into the box, including the instruction at the top

17. Stage 37

Pull the mole over to the mallet

18. Stage 38

Rotate your phone upside down, the key will fall out from the bucket

19. Stage 39

The number is actually continuing from the previous 2 line, so the total is 39

20. Stage 40

Some object is placed horizontally and some is very hidden especially the candle. It's hidden in the cup cake.

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