Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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Brain Out Solution (Stage 81 - 100)

This is brain out solution for stage 81 to 100. If you want to challenge yourself, then don't look further because it will spoil the fun. I am writing this to help people that got stuck in one stage for too long

1. Stage 81

Pull the wood down, there is another set of flowers at bottom

2. Stage 82

Total of 9 holes, the big one where human goes in, 2 where the legs come out, 2 pockets, 2 on the knees. 2 more is when you see the 2 holes at the knee area from inside, it's considered as 2 holes too.

3. Stage 83

This one is hard to imagine but the answer is 2 ^ 10 = 1024. I never can cut 1024 pieces of watermelon with 10 cuts

4. Stage 84

Hold the wood and bring it to the fire, after it's burned, bring it to the right side of the pipe, then the smoke will come out from the left side, hold the smoke, swipe through the pipe to the right, the rat will come out from the right side of the pipe.

5. Stage 85

Hold the mouse and move the cursor like you are holding mouse on computer, when the cursor reach "Next" button, left click the mouse.

6. Stage 86

You can move the dash up and become negative. So -999 is the smallest number

7. Stage 87

Expand the dart board, then you can throw the dart without hitting each other easily

8. Stage 88

Long tap the gamepad and make sure it cannot be seen by your eyes. After few seconds, you will clear the stage

9. Stage 89

Move the bottom most left -> down, bottom most right -> up, top most -> left. 

10. Stage 90

First, tap 1, 6, 8, 2, 20, 17, 60. Lastly, tap 33 on the instruction

11. Stage 91

Use the most right wood to push the girl down.

12. Stage 92

When Zoe is 6, Lulu is twice, which is 12. When Zoe is 10 years old, it means 4 years has passed. So Lulu is 12 + 4 = 16

13. Stage 93

Pull the O from You: O to one of your slot, then click once more to win it.

14. Stage 94

Put the instant noodle into the bowl. Pour hot water into the bowl. Use your finger to cover the bowl for a while. Voila.

15. Stage 95

This one a bit tricky. Rotate your phone clockwise. Then slowly shake your phone gently like trying to make the baby sleep.

16. Stage 96

CDE = EDF, so for EFH, the first character will follow previous algorithm. Let me explain
CDE = EDF (explanation below)
E: is the last character from "CDE"
D: is the same character from second character in "CDE", D
F: is the character + 1 from the last character in "CDE", E + 1
Therefore for EFH
Last character from "EFH": H
Same character from second character in "EFH", F: F
Last character in "EFH", H + 1 = I
So the answer is HFI

17. Stage 97

At bottom right corner. You just need to make sure the panda has both ears, not the overlapping dot.

18. Stage 98

Rotate your phone upside down.

19. Stage 99

Choose two 0, combined, it will become infinity symbol.

20. Stage 100

The answer is 31181, where you move 2 sticks from 0 to after number 8, then it will become 31181.

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