Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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Brain Out Solution (Stage 61 - 80)

This is brain out solution for stage 61 to 80. If you want to challenge yourself, then don't look further because it will spoil the fun. I am writing this to help people that got stuck in one stage for too long

1. Stage 61

Combine the two like image above. Hexagon is 6 sides shape.

2. Stage 62

AEBFC, after C, it's G because E,F,G

3. Stage 63

This is quite easy, spam everything at one go.

4. Stage 64

The clock is not moving. So after 3 hours, the hour finger will still point to 9

5. Stage 65

Some big chicks after duplicate behind each other. Then pull the clear button away, there are a few small chicks behind it

6. Stage 66

Swip on the dog's head for few times

7. Stage 67

Shake your phone, they will feel faint.

8. Stage 68

Pull the most left match, to the left leaving some spot. Then pull the match in the number 8 out to become 1 - 0 = 1

9. Stage 69

Swipe the whole screen to the right, the mother hen is located there

10. Stage 70

The 3 largest number has to include the number on the keyboard. So 7+8+9

11. Stage 71

Use the word "Eat carrots again!" as a bridge

12. Stage 72

If you look through the mirror, it is actually a number of 70773

13. Stage 73

After press start, use one finger to hold the horse down, then click Go repeatedly

14. Stage 74

This you just have to keep trying. After 3rd round, the light will actually slow down.

15. Stage 75

You have to calculate the perimeter. So it's 10 + 10 + 15 + 15 + 4 + 4 = 58

16. Stage 76

Just move the square to the side and leave about 60-70% of the square on the screen then it will look like rectangle

17. Stage 77

There are a duplicate of green 3. So rotate one of them and make it look like 8

18. Stage 78

Move the text to below the butterfly. Then tap the butterfly

19. Stage 79

The instruction said the bottom of the juice, so just drag the bottom of the juice to her mouth.

20. Stage 80

The first 2 are easy, the last one need to be placed at the first right frame.

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