Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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Brain Out Solution (Stage 41 - 60)

This is brain out solution for stage 41 to 60. If you want to challenge yourself, then don't look further because it will spoil the fun. I am writing this to help people that got stuck in one stage for too long.

1. Stage 41

Open the door and his mom will come in to wake him up

2. Stage 42

Look at the first one, 1 = 5, so 5 = 1

3. Stage 43

Move no 1 away, then logically no 4 will be filled up first.

4. Stage 44

The answer is 965

5. Stage 45

The first 3 is answered but is not correct. For the last question, the correct answer is like what we learned, 4+5 = 9

6. Stage 46

To get her attention, take the handbag away. 

7. Stage 47

If you notice alien's leg is behind the stone, so use the UFO and move it to the stone, after few seconds, it will shine and the alien will be revealed.

8. Stage 48

You just need rotate the phone clockwise so the arrow will be pointing to the right direction

9. Stage 49

Move some fries away from it's original position to reveal the hidden one.

10. Stage 50

It should be quite easy to notice the panda

11. Stage 51

Wipe the paint on the well by swiping on it for few times.

12. Stage 52

Click on the orange 3 times first. Then click on the green, after 3 click on the green, it will turn orange. Wait for a few seconds and it will turn into green back. Then only start clicking on it again.

13. Stage 53

Swipe on the magic lamp for few times until the genie appear. Then click on the book. According to the game, knowledge is power -_-

14. Stage 54

In maths, circle has infinite side.

15. Stage 55

Shake your phone, and he will wake up from his dream

16. Stage 56

The photo is in the box, but you need to hold the box with one of your finger, then rotate it clockwise so it will fall out.

17. Stage 57

Hold your finger at his nose and he will suffocate then wake up.

18. Stage 58

Tap multiple time on the dog.

19. Stage 59

No other way around it, you have to find the number 8. It's around the big green tick in this image.

20. Stage 60

Mix yellow and blue and you will get green.

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