Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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Brain Out Solution (Stage 121 - 140)

This is brain out solution for stage 121 to 140. If you want to challenge yourself, then don't look further because it will spoil the fun. I am writing this to help people that got stuck in one stage for too long

1. Stage 121

Pull the light bulb down few times.

2. Stage 122

You can calculate one by one. But easy way for me is get the last digit for 1, 11, 21, 31, ...first, so there is ten 1 appearing. Then get the first digit from 10-19, there is ten 1 appearing. It is the same for 100-200. Next is get the hundredth for 100-199 which is appearing for one hundred time. So the total of no 1 appearing is 140

3. Stage 123

Feed one heart to the bunny, it will be big. Then you can jump over easily.

4. Stage 124

ET left in UFO. So only 21 alphabet left.

5. Stage 125

Move the 3rd light bulb to the most right out of the screen. Then press the left button.

6. Stage 126

To make them reach same height, simply wait for both to fully burned out, which is 6 hours

7. Stage 127

Add the two number 7 and 3, it will become 10. Then deduct them to get the first digit, which is 4. Combine them, then it will be 410

8. Stage 128

Make the baby sleep by rotating anti clockwise first, then shake gently. After that move the shaver to his head.

9. Stage 129

Shake your phone few times, until the bubbles showed. Then pull out the cork.

10. Stage 130

Strawberry is 7. Grapes is 5 + strawberry total up to 12. Notice there are 12 small pieces of grapes in the chunk of grapes. So each piece is 1. Next, 3 eggplants + 1 is strawberry, so 3eggplants is 6, each eggplant is 2.
The question is strawberry + eggplant + 11 pieces of grap, so 7 + 2 + 11 = 20

11. Stage 131

Just open the 2 like on the image, this will be hard to explain with word.

12. Stage 132

Bring the meat around, then one of the wolf will have the eyes open like hungry wolf. Then pull off the skin.

13. Stage 133

Swipe the time on the clock, then the baby will wake up. Next, feed with milk bottle

14. Stage 134

Move the phone forward quickly for few times like how you will move the paper windmill in real life.

15. Stage 135

Move the 2 red colors shape together and it will form a heart

16. Stage 136

Enter the time on your phone now.

17. Stage 137

Use 3 fingers to lift up the big rock

18. Stage 138

Separate the triangle first, then you will be able to count it. It's 7

19. Stage 139

Shake the phone once hard, then put the worm on. Then shake it again to throw into the water. Then shake it again to bring the fish up. Click on the fish.

20. Stage 140

You can combine 3 things to form a skate shoes.