Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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BizProfile Malaysia helping small businesses

During the quarantine months, a lot of people lose their job, businesses going down, pay cut and have to sell their assets to continue surviving. People tried to do their own business, providing service of their expertise, selling home made stuff like food, artwork, beverages, and so on, just to make the end meets.

As a web developer myself, I received a lot of request from people, to create their website, to show what they are selling. Most of the time, they just need a landing page and a few product pages without needing the online payment gateway feature. It's because the price of the thing they are selling might varied from time to time, or depending on weight.

Now they do have an easy and free solution.

BizProfile Malaysia, that was launched recently, created a platform that is easy enough for them to fill up their business information, products and description. It's multilingual in my country, so everyone can understand how to use it easily.

It's also easy to login because BizProfile Malaysia integrated Facebook and Google login. 

Another nice feature they have is, everytime someone visit your page, the page view count will go up. You can see it in your dashboard. The dashboard also have a lot of other cool stuff like total clicks on social media, visitor analytics on daily basis, top products and top images

IMPORTANT! Currently, they are randomly selecting one business profile to be shared on a Facebook Page that has more than 300k likes and followers, so it's a good time to sign up and expand your reach to the whole country. 

In conclusion, if you are doing small business, providing service such as health care, insurance, medical, web design and development, consultancy and so on, you can use this platform to showcase your products and services. It's free and you might just get more customers from it. 

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Beier at 09:33pm 16 Jul, 2020

I noticed their site ends with .my, is it the domain for your country?