Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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Basic Guide Infinite Arena

This is basic guide for Infinite Arena, not too advanced yet because I only start playing this game for less than a week. If you have better tips or guide to share, do share it in the opinion section.

First, this game is energy based. One energy will be recovered in 15 minutes. You can have maximum of 15 energy. So to fully recover, you just need to wait for 3 hours 45 minutes.

There is a premium item where you can buy with around USD5 or RM19.90, to increase the maximum number of energy by 15. So you can double the waiting time in case you want to fully utilise your time. So when you are asleep for 7 hours, it will still not maxed out your energy and waste the time. 

Loot vault is for when you are AFK or when the apps is off. You can see how much $ you can make and how many experience you can get per hour. It also shows how long does it take for the vault to be full. 

You can expand the vault with diamond by clicking the "Upgrade" button. You also can collect double the amount by watching Ad. I suggest you must do that when you are back from long AFK or when you wake up from sleep.

At Heroes tab, you can see the list of heroes you have. It shows the name, stats, background and talent. Talent is something we need to note. So far, the best talent I had is  "Gifted", yet to get "Genius". (Someone named Ferrari in the game helped me with this).

Equipment section is where you equip the hero with weapons, armors and accessories. But some slot will only be unlocked after you reincarnate them enough time.  For example, accessory slot can only be unlocked after I reincarnate this hero for 8 times.

Skill tree is where you upgrade the skill. Skill book is needed to upgrade hero's skill. First rows of skill usually require the least skill book. So it's better to upgrade row by row or if you are rushing for certain skill in a certain hero, you can just unlock next row by maxing one skill in the current row.

Reincarnation can only be done to hero when the level is maxed. You can level up the hero with gold / money you earned from the game. Just click level up by 1, 10 or 100 depending on the amount of gold you had. 

After reincarnate, the hero level will be back to 1. You have to spend gold to level up the hero again. Reincarnate is important to unlock Equip slot and increase your hero's base stat. I suggest you to focus on getting at least "Gifted" hero to be reincarnated instead of spamming reincarnation on Poor or Mediocre hero.

Promote. Promotion can be done with certain requirements. For example, first promotion can be done after you reincarnated once and you have allocated 10 skill points. 

My Vasili hero had been promoted for few times. So the next promotion requires 4 reincarnation and 40 skill points allocated. 

Campaign is where you play your game. You choose which land or area to explore. Then you choose a zone to go for. Each zone has 3 levels and usually we start with the 1 star level.


Zone 1 - 1 star, difficulty is only 6
Zone 1 - 2 stars, difficulty is 26.84k

So you have to be careful of which stage to go. Make sure your fighting power is more than the stage difficulty before you proceed. You can see your fighting power at the top left, under your Honour level.

Daily zone is where you go for after you complete most of your available stage. It's where you can earn a lot of useful and important item, like Scroll of Reincarnation (used for reincarnation), Certificate of Higher Order (used for promotion) and Skill Book.

Ok, back to first tab "Loot". It's where you see all your item. It probably should be renamed to Bag or Item in my opinion because it's where all your item is stored.

In Loot section, remember to click on "Items" and Open all the boxes you got. You might not notice the boxes that you got from each battle and some boxes might contain legendary equip.

Workshop is where you do your production work, like crafting new item and upgrading your equip. Upgrading your equip requires Rare Item Parts. The higher the equip level to upgrade, the more upgrading equip is required. 

For example, to upgrade to level 30, I will need 1.74k Rare Item Parts.

Last tab is PVP, where it is important for rewards. After each PVP, you can get some rewards that is useful like Skill Book, Parts and Scroll. So remember to spam and used up your PVP point because it will recover one point every 15 minutes too.

Before I forget, remember to do the daily quest to get all the rewards. Also in Daily Shoppe, you can watch all the Ad available to get some useful item too. 

I am still playing this game, hoping I can clear all the campaign but it might take a while because there are so many stages in each area and there are so many different areas. I will post more advanced guide like which skill or hero is the best in attacking or tanking when I got the information.

That's all for now. Happy Infinite Arena-ing. If you have useful tips, do not hesitate to post it at the Opinion section below.