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Animal Restaurant Buffet Guide

When you are in animal restaurant "Restaurant" section, you can swipe down to go to buffet section. You will unlock it when you reach 1500 stars with 300k cod. In this guide, you will know a few ways to get more plates (the green round thing).

Buffet section is important to increase your passive cod income. When you are offline, your buffet income will continue to accumulate, just like the tips. 

When you unlock it, you will receive 50 or 100 plates (green round thing), it's a plate to put sushi. You can get your first buffet recipe with that.

You have to quickly unlock this facility to get more plates, so you can unlock more buffet recipe. This is the list of buffet recipe you can purchase with the plates. 

Some facility will increase the plates that you can earn per day. Quickly unlock those facility so you can get more plates to unlock more buffet recipe.

My current recipe gives me +5600/hour. So if I go offline for 10 hours, I can get 56k cod

Second way to get more plates is to hire Temp Worker Yolky. Every 4 hours, you can get 55 plates... (this is my current level). If you give raise (increase Yolky pay), it will earn more plates every 4 hours.

One last way is through the task. Complete the task that gives the plate, then you can get it. It always appear in the daily task, so remember to do them all.

Public Opinion

Kat at 10:07am 30 Jul, 2020

Hi! I have a question cause noone at all is coming 2 my buffet :(

Hi Kat, I think it's not a problem. Your COD income will still increase later.

Andria at 11:51pm 16 Jul, 2020

I like how the rich kids hoodie says I ♡ CZ but its mirrored. Fine easteregg.

Hi, nice catch~

Elia at 12:22pm 10 Jul, 2020

How do you collect the flowers for the takeout?

The flowers that is used to exchanged for food & beverage at takeout is taken in the Garden section, which is 1 map on the left from the Restaurant section.

Ducki at 07:39am 02 Jul, 2020

Hii, so my friend just got animal Restaurant but theirs only requires a 800 star rating for the buffet, not a 1500 rating. Is this part of the update or something?

Hi, I believe so. This guide is written quite some time back. So I believe the developer will want to release the buffet section earlier so people can enjoy faster.

cabbage at 11:19pm 25 Jun, 2020

Hi I dont seem to get any plates from the buffet. I hired the temp worker and self serve things but still won't give any plates. What do I do?

It's kinda impossible to not get the plate. It's just dropped randomly on the screen so sometimes the other worker might have helped you to pick it up.

<3 at 04:36pm 07 Jun, 2020

I want to ask about the buffet. It says that we get cods from the conveyor belts every 10-12 hours, but i don't get them and only got them sometimes (maybe 2 times?) Do I receive it automatically or there is a bug?

I do see some people mentioning about the bug as well. Maybe you can email to the developer and tell them which device and operating system of your device are being updated. Maybe reinstalling the apps might help too. But remember to backup your game progress :)

Dina at 04:11am 17 May, 2020

Thanks for this article very much it helped me a lot!!! ❤️❤️❤️

You're welcome. Glad that it helped.

Alien man at 02:54pm 15 May, 2020

How do you lose plates? I didn’t understand.

I am not sure what do you mean. You wont lose any plates except if you use them to buy something at buffet recipe and Gachapon

A at 11:27am 07 May, 2020

Hi do you know if the buffet recipes are additive? For example if I already have fried shrimp sushi which gives 4000/hr, then I go back and purchase cheesy octopus sushi which gives 3800/hr, does this mean I get 4000/hr or 7800/hr?

Hi, I believe it's an addon. So you just need to buy everything that you can get and available to get more COD

af at 01:18am 09 Apr, 2020

me too 😩😩

Just T, it’s fine. at 04:42am 07 Mar, 2020

Hi guys,
I have a question about how the buffet recipes work. So I have bought quite a few recipes, I’m wondering if each recipe gives me the cods or only my current recipe gives me the cods while I’m offline?

All your buffet recipes contribute to offline cod production. There is a 12 hour of accumulation before your buffet rewards are capped, but the actual amount of cod you get depends on how many recipes you have unlocked.

Katy at 06:23pm 08 Feb, 2020

Hi me and a friend of mine started playing animal restaurant a while ago and I just got the buffet but it's not getting me any cod but with my friend it's working just fine. What do I do?!

(Either im missing something or maybe it's a bug)

having the same issue 🥺

Puteri at 11:11pm 23 Jan, 2020


Is there anyone who understands about playing gachapon? If yes, please help me by answering my question.

Should I spend 300 plates for everytime I want to play the gachapon? What is the meaning of "hat" that mentioned when I clicked the yellow button? Where can I find the "hat"? It's really confusing..

By the way, thank you for everyone who answers my question 🙏🏻

Hi, in the late game, where you already have pretty much everything unlocked, you will have plenty of plates left. That's when Gachapon will be fun, you can spend 3000 plates at once to get 10 Gachapons, and with some luck, you can unlock some hidden customers.

BA at 08:43am 17 Jan, 2020


Regarding the pond, do you know why animals don't put up booths all the time? Am starting to wonder if there's some sort of optimal timeframe for leasing a booth. Sadly my phone froze during the tutorial so I missed everything!

Hi, it doesn't matter about missing the tutorial. It doesn't explain much about the booth too. For the booth, the animal appears with certain combination of what you put to lease. I have no full guide for this yet but hopefully I can come up with something in near future.

Tori at 03:41pm 07 Jan, 2020

Hi! I just unlocked the fishing pond. I’m so confused as to what it means to lease (and what happens when you put a creature there) as well as why the fishing is hard. The hook would touch the creature, but then it would bounce off, if that makes sense? I haven’t caught anything in a while, so any tips please? :-)
Thank you for your time!

Hi, congratulations for the fishing pond but it's an update that everyone can get XD.

Anyway, the To Lease means u use the creature there to attract some merchant to open a shop at your fishing pond area. It's a way to make extra COD, stars and sushi plate.

Yeah, bounce off is making sense too. Just like normal fishing in real life, sometimes when the fish got hooked, doesn't mean we can fish it up too.

I don't have any tips to fish better. You just need to keep trying and maybe watch some ads to get more bait to have more fishing chance.

Ana at 11:20pm 16 Nov, 2019

Hi! How do the letters work in the game? I recently got the owl and the mailbox. But I’m lost as to what to do >_<

Hi, you'll have to put something in the owl inventory before sending her off to do her mission. When she comes back from mission, she will give you something, either cod, stars or letter. Some letters are useful because it can increase the price of recipe.

Liz at 01:07pm 15 Nov, 2019

I just finally unlocked the buffet, but never received any green plates?

Hi, to receive green plate, you can hire a worker called Temp Worker Yolky. She will generate 55 plates every 4 hours. Another way is to get a facility "Self-serve drinks" that will generate 100 plates per day. Last way is to complete the daily task. Some daily task gives 100 or 50 plates.