Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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7 things to do on weekend for singles

Netflix and chill (not that kind of chill) is not the only way to spend your weekend. There are plenty more ways to spend you weekend. Of course most of us prefer to sleep until we wake up on our own without alarm because it's the only time we can do so.

However, once we are used to waking up early, our body will wake up early on its own. So here is a list of things you can do on your weekend.

1. Invite few friends over for some board game. 

2. Do some workout like a jog, badminton, basketball, futsal, or anything available nearby you. Join some social club or find workout to do through some app. In Malaysia, we can use Rovo to find badminton game.

3. Movie marathon. Find some movie that has a few continuous film like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel Movie (this one might take a few weekend)

4. Volunteer for some charity works or anything available nearby you. It could be social work including old folks home, orphanage, pet shelter and so on. 

5. Financial Planning. Properly record down you expenses, income and plan ahead how much do you need to save for your future like house, car, marriage, kids, retirement and so on.

6. Find an extra job. Since you are single, if you think you are not gonna be dating, meeting new friends, why not use the time to do extra job, earn extra money so you can prepare yourself for future?

7. Start a project. Think of some special business model that has potential, find a few friends to discuss about it and who knows it might turn out to be a million dollar project.

Just remember time is valuable, so spend every seconds meaningfully, then you will not regret about it.