Wednesday, 21 October, 2020

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10 mangas that worth to read over and over

As manga lover, we always try to find good manga to read but sometimes we want to read something that we already know what will happen. Some research said people like this are boring people because we can't handle the anxiety to read something new and something that we don't know. Well... who cares. Good manga are worthy to be read over and over.

The following list is not in any order. Just wrote what comes to my mind first.

1. Dr Slump

It's a story where a lonely inventor, Senbei Norimaki, created a female robot that is smart, strong but innocent and doesn't know the correct human way. The story where they try to hide the fact she is a robot, learning how to socialise, dealing with more inventions from Senbei Norimaki, are all smart, clever and funny. If you are thinking of what to read for the next 2-3 days, this might be a good choice because it doesn't stress you out all all. 

2. Cage of Eden

Good story line and hard to guess what is going to happen. A bit of Ecchi elements but overall nothing too extreme. Amazing drawing where each panel is drawn properly with a lot of attention. Each character is uniquely drawn, with their own characteristic. It's not up to One Piece level where each character has a long background story because this manga only has 185 chapters. You can spend about 3-4 days to read this manga. 

3. Solo Leveling

This manga is the leveling type of manga where the character can see his level, ability point and skills. The main character who is a noob in his hunting world was given as second chance and gain the power of leveling through hardwork and repetitive grinding just like when we play MMORPG game. It's fun to see the progress of the main character that transform from a noob to a strong hunter. The drawing is really nice too and currently we are still waiting for Season 2. 

4. One Piece

Arittake no yume wo kakiatsume.... One Piece! Yeah, One Piece is still going strong now. A lot of nerdy waits for new episode weekly. I myself have read the manga from the beginning, twice. It's really a long manga, up to 984 chapters now, but we don't feel bored of it. Each character is given a proper storyline of how they join the pirate crew led by Luffy who wish to be Pirate King. It's interesting someone who can't swim manage to reach so far in pirating world.

5. Dragon Quest Adventure Of Dai

We read this we were young but never manage to get the full set of the manga. However, we can read them online now and it is interesting to read that how each character level up properly without rush. Everything in this manga is just like the game Dragon Quest, the weapons, the skills, spells and some monster too. I have read this manga from beginning to the end at least 3 times.

6. Bio-Meat Nectar

A manga with totally new concept. In a world where there are more and more rubbish, Japan engineered an animal that will eat anything except glasses. This is to solve the garbage crisis. The animal is called Bio-Meat. They are basically just a living meat, that eat everything that is thrown to them, including human. When they eat enough, they will multiply by splitting themselves up. I like the story and the drawing. Unlike modern manga where one panel has a lot of words, this manga is still good. They don't fill the panel with a lot of words which makes it interesting to see the drawing and read the word at the same time.

7. Kingdom

This is another manga that follow a little bit of real story from China. It's a story about a young man, Shin, who wants to be the Great General in China but he is an orphan. An orphan in China usually don't get to join the army, so even though he and his best friend practiced fighting everyday, they don't have any chance at all. The story progress is slow but it's explained in detail of how the life, culture and politic in China in ancient time. 

8. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

A man who wants to make a lot of money in real life, played online game when he was young and reached the top rank. He sold his account for a lot of money and manage to pay off all his family's debt. He then started to play another online game, wishing to be able to do the same thing again. This manga is based on light novel and it's still ongoing too.

9. Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball, the most successful manga from Akira Toriyama. A story where when you gather all 7 dragon balls, you can summon a dragon to grant you one wish. I personally feel the character is a mixture of Superman and Journey to the West. Superman got sent to the earth same like Son Goku. The Journey to the West, has characters like the Pig, the monk, which is OoLong and Krillin. However, the storyline is definitely unique.

10. Liar Game

Liar game is a manga where an organisation try to hold a game and force participants to play. Winner will win all the money that the loser lose, which is 100 million yen. Nao Kanzaki, an honest and innocent young lady is the victim and clueless on how to win the game, she find Shinichi Akiyama, a con artist who just got out from jail to help him. Shinichi Akiyama feel pity towards her so decided to help her. The manga has a lot of games that required you to be liar, which I think you can play it in real life with the correct audience.

That's it. I have read more mangas but I think these mangas are the one that worth to be read over and over. Maybe you have different opinion or more manga to suggest to us. Do let us know other interesting manga that you think worth to be read over and over, in the opinion section below.